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We don’t just clean Your Home.
We make it beautiful.

(and you get 3X the value!)

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1. Professional, Green Cleaning

While many cleaning services use retail stores’ cleaning agents, we use only safe, eco-green materials for the well-being of you and your family.

The cleaning teams at Peninsula Cleaning Pros have over 40 years of combined cleaning experience, with numerous happy customers.

2. Disinfection, Scientifically Done

You know that bacteria and viruses inside your home can be harmful. That includes the new variants of COVID 2019: EG.5 and BA.2.86 (source: CDC).

That’s why we measure the presence of bacteria, viruses, and other biological agents on your surfaces – before and after we apply 360 humanly-safe, FDA-approved disinfection.

You will witness the proof by the numbers!

3. Flowers - the Visual Difference

Not many things brings uplifting feelings like fresh, beautiful flowers. And that’s precisely what we leave you with at the end of our cleaning.

Our flowers are hand-picked and normally last 2 times longer than what you normally get.

And we replace them each time we come.

Bring the experience of a 5-star hotel into your own home!

(*various options available)

Does this mean our services costs more?

With all the quality we pack in, you might think so.

But compare us to other leading brands and you’ll discover that our prices are 100% competitive or better.


With one exception…

All the extra value:

  • the Green and Safe Materials

  • the Scientific Disinfection

  • the Biological Testing

  • and the Flowers

Are all included with our service – at no additional charge!

“Right on time”

They arrived at my Los Altos location right on time.

Wonderful and thorough service done in record time.

Places I never thought of cleaning (inside of shelves, my kitchen cupboard doors, bathroom walls) all got done without me asking for anything.

My place was spotless-clean when they left.

Isabelle Z.

Los Altos

“Super clean”

Excellent service: consistent, pleasant, and leaves the kitchen and all surfaces super clean!

Judson F.

Bay Area

“Reliable, done to your specs”

Reliable with cleaning done to your specs.

They leave the bathrooms sparkling, especially the glass shower doors …

They will have you inspect the cleaning when they are ready to go and won’t leave until you’re satisfied.

Catherine H.

Bay Area

Find it hard to believe?

But Wait – What About Other Cleaning Services?

While many other cleaning companies stop at cleaning your home, we provide a 360-cleaning experience at will.


Here is a sample list of our other services.


Carpet cleaning (with Probiotics)

Duct cleaning

Window cleaning

Gutter cleaning

Roof and Solar Panel cleaning

Driveway and Outside Walls pressure wash

Clutter cleaning (using our professional organizer)

And we do it with our Trusted Partners

Maid Brigade of Redwood City

Citrus Plus

Wash Me

Rediscover Your Home Organizer

When you need it,

One Call Does it All!

Take a look: is that you?

Busy professionals

Families with children, families with a newborn

Elderly, disabled people, post-surgery individuals

Offices, businesses, commercial properties

Clinics, healthcare facilities

Realtors, home stagers

Rental property owners, AirBNB, vacation home renters, landlords, property managers

Individuals moving in/out, homeowners preparing for sale

If you can relate to any of those situations

Do one of 3 things Now:

Your Exclusive Risk-FREE Trial – only from Peninsula Cleaning Pros!

Everything you read so far may sound overwhelming and to be honest – a little too good to be true.

We get it.

That’s why we offer a one-room risk-free trial – for only $89 (which you could actually get for free! keep reading).

Here is what you get.

One room - professionally cleaned

Using only green and safe materials

Disinfection done scientifically, with FDA-approved materials

Measuring bacteria before and after the disinfection

A vase of beautiful seasonal flowers

A risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee

All - for just $89

Residential Risk Free Trial

YES! I want to take you up on your offer of one room cleaning risk-FREE trial

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you feel our cleaning does not meet your expectations, just let us know. We’ll refund every penny of your fee. No questions. No hassles. That’s a promise.

Now wait a second, you said I can get this trial for free.

Is that True?

You Bet!

After the trial, when you sign up for our weekly or bi-weekly services

We will cheerfully refund your trial fee on your first month’s bill.

About Us

Peninsula Cleaning Pros provides comprehensive cleaning solutions for residences and commercial properties.

The cleaning teams have 40+ years of experience with numerous happy customers.

We deliver cleaning excellence by using some of the best providers around, like Maid Brigade, Citrus Plus, Wash Me, and others. This gives customers one place that handles all their cleaning needs, whether they are periodical or on a one-time basis.

We believe the value we provide is one of the best you will find around, likely 3X than what you’d get from other cleaning services. And at 100% competitive prices.

Check us out today and compare.